Wednesday, 11 May 2016

How Driving Range Netting Reduces Liability

Driving ranges without driving range netting can actually be surprisingly risky businesses to operate from a legal standpoint. Many business owners hesitate to ask their customers to sign waivers out of fear that they will be dissuaded from participating in the activity after being informed of the risks, but injured customers can and will file suit against businesses. My brother used to own a small driving range, and it was a pretty nice business to own – he just had to hire one attendant and one other guy for maintenance and ball retrieval, and stop by every week to collect the cash.

It all came crashing down, though, when an older man taking a stroll down a hiking path behind the driving range got hit square in the temple by an errant golf ball.

It knocked him out cold for a couple hours, and no one noticed until a young couple came hiking down the path thirty minutes later. He had to be taken to a hospital by an ambulance, and incurred a hefty bill.

His family sued my brother's driving range, and he ended up having to sell off the driving range to pay for the settlement that was reached – but it could easily have been avoided if he had installed driving range netting.

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